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about me


Hi, I'm Rob Blatt.  I'm a digital video creator and writer.    

I write and produce videos that will captivate your viewers, teach them something new, and inspire them to talk about the experience with their friends and family.  That's my goal when I create content for museums and educational foundations.

I also like writing relatable copy that transforms your readers into customers and donors. I write web sites, blog articles, social media posts, and comedy music videos for consumer brands and fundraisers.


My approach:  I create content for one person... No, not you.  Sorry. Was that awkward? I'm talking about your ideal reader or viewer.  Maybe that person is a student in a classroom, or a prospective fundraising partner for your organization.  Maybe she's your current client, or someone you want to educate or entertain.  You and I will work together to paint a picture of that individual audience member. Once we know who that person is, we'll cook up valuable stuff for them.  While we're at it, we'll make it fun.  I've got a knack for combining useful information with heart and humor to create effective educational content and marketing.  That's my jam.

I grew up in the D.C. suburbs, graduated from the University of Virginia, and met my wife in New York City.  Now we live in Los Angeles and have two kids.  I sing R&B classics when I make their lunches.  Let's work together!


Oh, here's my resume.




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